Angel Albarrán is a photographer, engineer, colour scientist as well as a teacher of narrative photography. While he was studying to earn his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, he was already experimenting with photography.

As a child he first got in contact with photography when his grandfather, a carpenter and photography amateur, introduced him to the magic of chemistry and the view camera. From that moment on, the visual language of photography has shaped the way in which he thinks.

He worked in colour research as one of the members of Hewlett Packard’s R&D colour group in Barcelona for nine years. Currently he works as a photographer, curator and producer.

Anna Cabrera, who achieved her Bachelor of Arts in 1992, works as a photographer and teacher. She is an expert in photography processes and ink printing methods. At the age of sixteen during a study trip to Paris her father let her his Voigtländer camera, and since then photography has become part of her life.

Angel Albarrán and Anna Cabrera work together in photography. Their work is the result of both their personal maturity and research. Photography helps them understand the world.

Both of them have fostered their printmaking experience by participating in different workshops and obtaining a post-graduate degree in “Print run” and “Photo preservation”.

They produce their work using different printing methods, although their favourite one is platinotype. They have been working and mastering this printing method since 2001.

Angel and Anna have taught other photographers how to make platinotypes in a series of workshops. Likewise, they have given several lectures on platinum printing during some international photography festivals, such as the Recontres d’Arles.

Personally, they have had great opportunities to meet many exceptional photographers who showed them the most valuable asset: understanding photography as a way of living.





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